Empowering Girls with Education

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Problem statement:

Not many girls are able to express their opinions freely in their families. In the vast majority of cases, girls’ career aspirations and desire to live active social lives are ignored.

Often, this continues because girls simply don’t have the information that there are other ways of living. This project aims to help girls realize the existence of opportunities to live full lives.

Proposed Solution:

To solve this problem, we want to organize a five month educational project. We took part in a project called "Step Forward” and learned how to implement similar projects.

We will meet with young girls and have them read and watch motivational stories and films about woman's rights and gender equality. Then, they will learn how to make successful presentations about opportunities for youth. After that they will take part in discussion.

We hope that these seminars will help girls begin to think and speak about their goals.


The project will have follow up activities organized by participants. They will become peer educators in their communities as they plan and organize follow up activities.

Equal gender opportunity:

In the realization of the idea, as well as planning and carrying out of each event in the future, students, speakers and moderators of different gender identities and sexual orientation will be equally involved. Of course, this is targeted at girls, but we believe gender equality will help the boys as well.

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