Rock-climbing for the future of Chiatura

nikoloz kapanadze
Imereti, Chiatura Municipality,
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Problem statement:

The above-mentioned initiative group of the youth present a project called “Rock-climbing for the future of Chiatura”. Students from Chiatura, pupils from city and village schools of Chiatura will be engaged in implementing the project. Up to a hundred participants will be engaged in the project. Within the scope of the project the following will be implemented: lighting will be installed, we will purchase additional special equipment (protecting belts, ropes, carabiners, helmets, Grigri eight-person descentor, etc.), musical equipment. On the last days of the project youth festival in rock-climbing will be held, in Chiatura villages and towns there are there are many training (climbing) places for rock-climbing, where we young people have been regularly gathering and training. More often we hold gatherings and trainings in the town in the vicinity of “Sashevardno (Falcon) Rock”, a lot of festivals and competitions are held there, but the problem is that the training roads are not sufficiently lit there, the roads are in need of innovation or addition of new roads, there is no possibility of sound (musical) accompaniment, etc.

How will your initiative achieve/contribute to this change?

We have the experience of several years in implementing the project presented by us. We gained this experience from participating in various environmental and youth projects. Within the scope of these projects we participated in the campaigns of planting seeds, implemented cleaning activities, put litter bins, made and installed informational and direction signs, etc. Based on the above-mentioned, our team has the possibility to implement all the activities, needed for the project implementation; we also have the support of experienced people and organizations, such as: GM, Chiatura municipality, city hall, etc. which ensures that the project will be implemented successfully and smoothly. Within the scope of the project a festival will be held, and up to 30 young rock climbers will take part in it. We will plan a big event and invite guests from cities and villages. Competitions will be held and the winners will be awarded with prizes. This will increase awareness in sports and more people will be engaged in this sport. The goal of the project is to increase the number of young rock-climbers from cities as well as villages, where sports literally does not exist. We intend to increase the number of involved girls and make their number equal with that of boys.

What will happen to your initiative and to the purchases?

In case of implementing this project, the impact will be long-term and useful in many ways, because the allocated funds will be used not for one-time, personal needs, but for the items and equipment used for permanent needs, they can be used by sportsmen as well as amateurs, the people wishing to hold a festival and a competition. It must be noted that the protecting nets installed here will protect those training in rock climbing as well as the local population living in the vicinity. Implementation of the project contribute to establishing a healthy lifestyle and tourism development in the district of Chiatura. The purchased items will be under the supervision of Rock Climbers Club of Chiatura, “Kariani Klde” (“The Rock with a door”). We have an experience of three years and we need more equipment for further development, in order to raise security standards, considering that there is a great demand and interest towards rock climbers. “Kariani Klde” is a non-commercial club, which serves the youth of Chiatura, which serves the youth of Chiatura within the scope of civic initiative.

How will initiative provide equal opportunity for men and women?

Girls as well as boys have equal rights in the Club of rock climbers “Kariani Klde”. We train together and not separately. Rock-climbing is the sport which does not differentiate on the grounds of gender, unlike football or rugby. That is why it is equally popular among girl and boys.


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მნიშვნელოვანია, რომ ფესტივალის უსაფრთხოების ზომები და სტანდარტები იყოს კარგად გათვლილი, დაცული და შეთანხმებული შესაბამის უწყებებთან.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?

1.თოკი "დინამიკა"-200მ. 1600ლ.
2.თოკი "სტატიკა"-150მ 1200ლ.
3.ორმაგი გორგოლაჭი ჩამკეტი 2 ც 490ლ.
4.ორმაგი გორგოლაჭი 2 ც 264ლ.
5.რვიანი 4 ც 136.ლ.
6.ჟუმარი 2 ც 288ლ.
7.კარაბინი თასმით 10ც. 700ლ
8.გრიგრი 2ც. 600ლ.
9.დავცის ქამარი 2ც. 500ლ

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