Summer Movie Theater

Nino Gogsadze
Imereti, Chiatura Municipality, ნინოშვილის #12, სამხარაძე-ჯღამაძის სახელობის სკვერი - უვიწყარა
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Problem statement:

The movies develop one’s taste about certain issues, gives one an idea about something and lets them express their opinion about the events taking place in the movie, it is a way to relax and think about various topics, personal or public.
Throughout the existence of the humankind, movie directors have reflected boundless emotions in the movies, have presented social problems, depicted the reality and focused on the details that we fail to notice. Finally, a movie can make one a better thinker than one was before watching it.
It is unfortunate that in such an important town as Chiatura, the movies no longer function, the youth are deprived of the benefit of movies, to discuss and review the problems presented in the movies, to see and realize various ways of solving a problem.
Along with all that, there are useless or boring movies that affect the youth negatively. Unfortunately, some of them favor such movies. However, if there is a movie theater, they will be provided with such documentaries and feature movies that will develop them personally, will make them think about the future of their country, human rights and obligations, and eventually, will make them become more active citizens and more positive thinkers.

How will your initiative achieve/contribute to this change?

In case we win in the project, in the square of the central part of the town we will arrange a summer movie theater for the youth. A big screen will be placed in the yard, and weekly movie screenings will be held there. The attendance will be free for anyone interested. It must be noted that we held a one-time movie screening in the theater, which attracted a great deal of approval and interest from the youth. Consequently, we were eager to make the movie screenings permanent. One of the walls in the above-mentioned square will be painted on the topic acceptable for the public (with the images of famous Georgian and foreign actors and movie directors). The painting will be created by a group of beginner and professional artists. The North wall (where the movie will be screened) will be decorated with an abundance of hanging (pot) flowers. The square is named after Eter Samkharadze/Jghamadze - a lady from Chiatura who tragically died in Abkhazia. Before every movie screening, a person having the relevant competence, will introduce a short summary of the movie and its role in the development of public opinion. After the movie screening, the youth will have the opportunity to express their opinions, to briefly discuss the meaning of the movie. They will also have the opportunity to choose the next movie. Moreover, along with movie screenings the youth will have the opportunity to hold informational meetings and training.

What will happen to your initiative and to the purchases?

After the completion of the initiative, the purchased items will be transferred to store to the organization - Union of Chiatura Residents, which will hold various informational meetings in the square.

How will initiative provide equal opportunity for men and women?

As mentioned above, the movie theater will be intended for young people, but anyone interested will be able to attend.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
პროექტორი,ეკრანი,საღებავი,ფუნჯი,A4-ის ფორმატი,ქოთანი,სარებავი,ძელსკამები

პროექტორი,ეკრანი,საღებავი,ფუნჯი,A4-ის ფორმატი,ქოთანი,სარებავი,ძელსკამები
პროექტორის ეკრანი ALLSCREEN MANUAL PROJECTION SCREEN 213X169 - 1050 ლარი
პროექტორი Vivitek DS262 DLP Projector SVGA (800 x 600) 3500 320 ლარი
საღებავი (დიდი “ტუპიკი“) 12 ფერიანი - 3 შეკვრა 500 ლარი
შესაღები გორგოლაჭი (“კატოკი“) 100 ლარი
ფასადის ემულსია 25ლ 100 ლარი
დიდი ზომის ფუნჯი 3 ცალი - 45 ლარი
საშუალო ზომის ფუნჯი 3 ცალი - 45 ლარი
პატარა ზომის ფუნჯი 3 ცალი - 45 ლაარი
A4 ფორმატი - 100 ცალი - 100 ლარი
ძელსკამი - 5 ცალი - 1750
ქოთნები 20 ცალი - 300 ლარი
ქოთნის საკიდები - 20 ცალი - 160 ლარი
ყვავილები 20 ცალი - 100 ლარი
მიწა 40კგ -120 ლარი

თბილისი, ნუცუბიძის ქ. 129 III სართული

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