How can I submit an idea?

You can only submit ideas electronically on our platform . Four different categories are available: Gender Equality, I Belong, Social Change, Climate Change and Environment.  Choose the desired topic and click on “submit idea” and an application form will appear automatically. See the video instruction:

Who can submit ideas?

Any person, a group of people or organization that would like to implement an idea in Georgia. The idea has to be implemented on a voluntary basis.  It is desirable that other volunteers also be involved in the implementation.

Do you give financial grants?

Orbeliani does not give financial grants. It will fund only the purchase of those material resources, items or services needed.

What kind of initiatives or ideas of which profile are funded?

The specific ideas are unlimited, so long as it brings about positive social changes and benefits your community (neighborhood, interest group, region, wider public). It is important for us to learn what you would like to change for the better and make a small contribution in the implementation of your idea.

In what time period from the date of the application submission is the idea funded?

You can submit an application any time. The submitted ideas will be reviewed gradually within the last two weeks of every month. The winning ideas will be published on the platform.

How much should the budget for the ideas be?

The financial value of project depends on its content. As a guide, we recommend you review already budgeted projects. The value differs depending on the activities. The volunteer has to prove that the requested items are necessary for the project.   Additionally, consider that cost-effectiveness, relevant market prices, and the effective use of resources influence the evaluation of the idea.

Are the deadlines of the idea implementation determined?

The initiative should start as soon as possible from the date it's funded and it's desirable that the main activities are completed in the first three months. Moreover, long-term projects are important for us, whose viability are continued even without "Orbeliani" funding. The adequacy and relevance of the implementation time will be decided by the group of reviewers within the scope of the competition.

According to what criteria is the competitive idea evaluated?

We use the following criteria: a) the result’s importance b) and the feasibility of the idea (i.e. is it possible, is it cost effective, is the budget realistic, is the idea sustainable) c) the creativity of the idea, d) the gender inclusivity of the idea.

Can a volunteer submit more than one idea?

One person can submit an unlimited number of ideas. The author of a winning idea can also compete again.

In what language can I submit an idea?

It is preferable to submit ideas in English, but you can also submit ideas written in Georgian or Russian. We will ensure they are translated and published on the platform in English.