Our mission and principles

Orbeliani is a new way for people with

great ideas to get what they need to take positive action.

More change, more transparently with less paperwork.

Our principles

Be Open

Orbeliani is as open an organization as we expect our volunteers to be. We will do our best to ensure that all information is open and not selectively available.

Learn and Act

We admit mistakes when we have made them. We ensure that effective feedback mechanisms are in place. Orbeliani reacts to potential grievances and takes preventive measures where appropriate.


We keep track of commitments and fulfill promises.We obey the law and do our best to understand the responsibilities of Orbeliani's donors in order to help those donors successfully fulfill them.


We are actively inclusive of all people from all sectors of society based on gender, religion, background, nationality, different physical abilities and all other criteria.

Gender Equality

We are committed to gender equality translating into equal rights, equal obligations and equal opportunities.


We actively seek out and listen to those who have less influence or access. We understand that each person we deal with has different experiences, pressures and interests and we respect those.


We fit into an international organism of sponsored change, we will seek to better understand that organism and to play a positive role within it. We also understand that we are a part of various ecosystems as well as our planet and will consider the environmental impact of all we do.