Participatory mechanisms

Development of PARTICIPATORY MECHANISMS in Georgia


for the members of the Academy of Participation ( AoP)

Project idea/ concept note in the field of participation

The project must:

  • be based on the knowledge presented in the course of the AoP ( Academy of Participation) ,
  • be about participatory mechanism (for example, development and/or promotion of the participatory budget (PB), enhancement of the existing processes in one of the municipalities supported by the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia, implementation of projects that the financing was not secured for in the framework of the PB process)
  • be multi-sectoral. i.e. include representatives of the municipality/(ies),Sakrebulo, NGO and/or citizens
  • consist of an author/(s)' contribution to the project (financial and/or non-financial),
  • for example, co-financing from the municipality, voluntary work of the authors
  • (workforce), materials purchase;
  •  not extend the total budget of 2000 USD
  • be implemented by the end of 2021

For the authors ( members of the Academy of Participation) :

  • you can work in a group of up to 3 people from different municipalities. You will be given 2 weeks to develop the project concept/ idea since the “Call for Project Ideas”is open [1, September 2020];
  • you can submit the project only via Orbeliani platform [by 15, September 2020].
  • the winning idea/ project concept will be awarded with funding for the implementation of up to 2000 USD (the amount of the SPFL-GEO requested contribution0) [4, October 2020].

Selection Procedure and Results Announcement

  • The winning idea will be selected by voting among AoP participants and the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia project PB members The voting will take place from 25-27, September 2020.
  • In each criteria, you  give scores from 1 to 5.  You have to vote for every project. 
  • Please take into account that only one project can be voted for, and you cannot vote foryour own project idea/ concept note!
  • The results will be announced during the closing ceremony of the AoP [4, October 2020].