What we do

Orbeliani is revolutionizing aid by changing how citizens engage with the resources they need to take positive action in their communities.



Our online platform is a place for civically engaged individuals to share diverse ideas for positive action. We use technology to help citizens apply for a portion of donor-sponsored funding, and to minimize the bureaucracy and paperwork associated with aid, making resources accessible and open to all.

Orbeliani connects donor funds directly to the vendors who supply the goods for approved proposals to be implemented. As a result, initiatives spearheaded by Orbeliani volunteers are more relevant for their communities, more efficient in their use of funds, and more optimized for the talents of those involved.

Fulfilling our principle of transparency, our live feed allows the public to browse recent activity for every endeavor funded on Orbeliani. By promoting honest conversations around how change happens and the challenges involved, we encourage citizens and donors to reflect on how to improve aid, together. We are based in the Republic of Georgia, with projects underway throughout the country, and plans for global outreach in the future. The time for empowered individuals has come.

The soul exceeds its circumstances.
— Czesław Miłosz, Poet