Workshops: Georgian and Azeri Integration

Maia Kakauridze
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Problem statement:

Karajala, population 4,891, is the second largest village in Georgia. Many people there are Azeri, which creates a communication divide in the village.

My goal for the next generation of these villagers is to increase their knowledge of Georgian culture, literature, language and history so that the Azeri youth can better integrate. I want this closed circle to be opened, if not for our generation, maybe for our children's generation so that they can have a full-fledged relation with their peers.

There are Georgian teachers in Karajala school, but this is not enough and there should be other measures undertaken to improve the communication between the two groups.

Proposed Solution:

My idea is that children who are two or three years away from adulthood should become aware of their civic duties. To do this, I will create a journalism workshop using my experience as a professional journalist. Once a month, I will repeat these workshops, hosting debates and exercises in free thinking and writing with the teenagers.

In addition to the workshops, I want to have the children discuss books about diversity. We will read Ali and Nino and analyse it. Then, I want to arrange a field trip to see the movie in theatres. We will then apply the book and film to our village.

I think after this event it will be possible to for students from Georgian schools to become friends with students from Karajala.


I hope that these workshops will help reduce stereotypes and bring the Azeri and Georgian children closer together.

Equal gender opportunity:

I think it will be balanced.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
Laptop computer

Lenovo Ideapad 110-15 Black, 15.6 ",

ირაკლი გემაზაშვილი

თელავი, ერეკლე მეორეს ქ.

655,00 ₾

Flipchart paper, pens, markers

შპს ფორმატი, გიორგი ჭიბალაშვილი

თელავი, გოშაძის 24

100,00 ₾

"Ali and Nino" 35 books

შპს ბიბლუსი

თბილისი იოსებიძის 49 ( ბიბლუსის თელავის ფილიალი; ირაკლი გაგნიძე

200,00 ₾

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Keti Khachidze This project has been suspended as the applicant was unable to implement the initiative. The listed items above have not been granted.