Renovate the Women Council Room
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Problem statement:

Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF), non-profit legal entity, was established in 2008 by the UN to support the Chechen refugee population in Pankisi Gorge. Today, it is one of the most successful and experienced organizations in Kakheti.

KRDF was one of the first NGOs to implement gender equality principles in society. Sexual and gender based violence project (SGBV) has been carried out in Pankisi since 2009. Within the activities, mobilizing women’s initiative groups and human rights awareness-raising campaign started.

Activities against women violence include workshops, seminars, thematic films screenings, free legal and psychological assistance, detecting violence cases and supporting victims.

The idea of establishing women’s rights organization was brought by women union. The non-profit “Women’s Council” is represented by 15 local women. It was established by the KRDF in 2011.
The organization soon gained confidence in local community and today it is well known as a reliable organization defending the interests of Muslim Women.

Women roles are strictly defined in Muslims communities and our organization tries to protect their and especially women rights. We suggest appropriate activities to women and youth to help them feel safer and socially integrated such as educational and vocational courses.

Proposed Solution:

Nowadays in the room where the Women Council holds meetings needs repair. The ceiling, floor and walls need to be renovated and it needs to be painted.

We would like to ask you to finance the renovation of the room, because this room is very useful not only for the council members and the local population. Meetings with Council of Elders in order to discuss different cases connected with SGBV (Sexual and gender based violence) survivors are held in this room, so the environment is very important for the people to be clean and more comfortable.


Sustainability of the idea will be provided, because this room has great importance for local women. Activities mentioned above such as workshops, film screenings and meetings with well-known persons also hold in this room.

Equal gender opportunity:

“Women's Council” is the only organization which discusses female issues with the local traditional authority “Council of Elders” on equal terms.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
works for repairing, paints

cleaning floor, walls and ceiling from damaged part. 294 Lari
painting works for repairing walls and ceiling 392 Lari
Painting and Repair Materials 392 Lari
total 1078 Lari

Zurab Babulaidze

Georgia, Akhmeta Sanapiro str.#8

1 078,00 ₾

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