Clean Forest
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Problem statement:

The problem of being stranger among each other, because of different etnic groups, religion or just because of unknowing language, is making difficult for the kids to have relationship with each other. Planned activities will help them to turn into friends, as far as there are themes which can make us to be united, as ecology, clean forest, as far as we all need nature to be healthy, no mater from what kind of society are we, we all need air, and together to care for our surrounding. Another thing is that it's important to upgrade perception of young generation and after this project they will have influence on the society they live in.
Our goal is also to encourage writing skills in kids, help them to deliver their fillings, teach them English, computer skills and literature.
For the children who live in mountains it's very important for them to be taught how to express in words their views, fillings and also plans and to have chance to be visible.
At the moment we have some tecnical problems in the building, which we had been given by the local goverment, after we had won the project "educational center",
although the building is renovated we are out of electricity, it's
very nessesary for our studyings. Another important thing is to teach these children, to care for the nature and to make them to be involve in some
activities together, them to learn to work together, as far as kids are from different villages and parts of different etnic and religion groups.
The purpose is also to help their first writings to be known and they to have hope that their words willbe heard.

Proposed Solution:

Solution of the problem of that, young generation have no initiative and different etnic and religion groups have no relationships with each other, is to plan their activities together, them to create and work together.
1. little ones of educational center will paint on windowpanes with gouache (water color) and will express their fillings about the forestand that it must be clean.
2. group of adult kids will make stories, write them and another age group will translate it into English. The best
story will be chosen by all participants, will be written a scenario, we'll shoot a short
movie, then it'll be on Community Radio Marneuli .
3. Children will manage to make a pamphlet, they will work together.
4. There will be a presentation, people from the goverment will be invited.
5. preporation for the movie, studying roles and shooting it.
all these activities are our views how to resolve problems
of this area. About 30 children from 5 years old to 18 will
take part in and about 6 young village dwellers, of
20-30 years will take part also.


At the end of the term, we will have children who'll have relationships with each other, and we'll be support in getting them friends of each other. As far as our affair is charity, for reaching our goals we need some support time after time, or because of the space we teachy at or because of equipments which are necessary for us. It's the 4th year that we have this center, and it will involve more and more children's attention, as around the theme, so around the theme that studying is a real important thing, and they don't study in vain they might be successful. With encouraging their first steps, we'll have better product from them later, for sure. With the new possibilities our educational center will continue it's affair.

Equal gender opportunity:

Both gender groups are taking equal part in the project, but girls are more as far as in both village, in Tseraqvi and Sioni girls are more then boys.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?


shop be ge

659,00 ₾

painting brushes 5 pecks


45,00 ₾
Paper Paper

A4 4 pecks


40,00 ₾

water color paints 16 colors 5 boxes


70,00 ₾
projector's screen



236,00 ₾

projector infocus in114xv

shop be ge

287,00 ₾
electric wire 50 meter

copper wire which is necessary to connect building with the central mast

Samir Ibragimov

Marneuli St. Kurbanova N 22

65,00 ₾

HP Deskjet 2050 back and color boxes black and 2 boxes color

144,00 ₾
photo paper

High glossy CGP180GA4 (20 pages) 25 pecks

provider group

107,05 ₾

A-Shape drawing board 52x108cm


148,36 ₾

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