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Anuka Lomidze
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Problem statement:

Our Free Screenings project was launched in June 2014 and has successfully runs till the present.
Our team unites around three hundred members, where 70% is represented by women and 30% by men respectively. The age of Free Screenings' members varies between 15 - 50 years.

The main goal of our project is to activate the cultural life in regions by provoking discursive hubs around the screened films' topics. In every new point Free Screenings team conducts a series of workshops with participants and supports their further activities. After the initial workshops organized at the beginning of our project, Free Screenings were set at forty different locations including conflict territories such as Gali and surrounding settlements.

In 2015, with financial support of East-West Management Institute, thirteen workshops were conducted involving about 300 participants from Marneuli, Kharagauli, Telavi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Akhaltsikhe Ambrolauri, Mestia, Bolnisi, Ozurgeti, Zugdidi. These workshops explore creative ways of organizing film screenings without any budget. The participants learn how to organize screenings for all ages using basic technical equipment.

Free Screenings auditory includes kindergartens, schools, elderly shelters, houses of children living and/or working in streets, domestic violence shelters, etc. Members of our network are managing to organize screenings with the help of private or governmental organizations. They write official letters to rent the necessary technical support from the city halls, schools, private business offices and non-governmental organizations to conduct the screenings for bigger audiences.

Proposed Solution:

The beamer and the sound system will be shared among the Free Screenings activists team around Georgia.

Our organization lacks even one projector to schedule a regional tour and to support members of the network in functioning film clubs created by their own. As the practice has shown, the most successful regional free screening spots were created in the locations with stable technical support. Exmaples of this include the Universities of Akhaltsikhe and Kutaisi, Gori Pupils' and Youth Center., and the Ksani school.

In many places, maintaining technical support is difficult. For example, the Garikula workshop integrates the annual contemporary art festival - Festinova. We want to encourage school pupils from 8th to 12th grad to participate and continue conducting screenings independently. However, this will be difficult without the necessary technology.

We will screen film provoking important discussion topic with relation, gender, cultural diversities, tolerance, education, environmentalism, etc.

The beamer and sound equipment is required for large screenings open to wider society which is so important for regional inhabitants. These open screenings provide higher attendance and greater discussion than smaller screenings.


Free Screenings has provided to be stable over time. It was created in June 2014 without any financial support. The first workshop was attended by 35 members, which subsequently provoked around thousand regional Free Screenings conducted by workshop listeners.

In 2015 the number of involved people grew significantly, creating even more screenings. The members of the working groups are linked online, what gives us ability to get know each other better and schedule future plans or support each other through recommendations or hosting locally.

All these happens without any financial support. In the frames of Free Screenings, Ahuahu Foundation is in partnership with Civil Initiative and Regional Film Association supported by Georgian National Film Center and Georgian Film Union.

With greater technology, we will be able to spread these screenings even more.

Equal gender opportunity:

Our team unites around three hundred members, where 70% is represented by women and 30% by men respectively. The age of Free Screenings' members varies between 15 - 50 years. The general, mixed public attends our screenings.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
Samsung HW-E550

Hi-Fi Audio System
Dolby Digital:
სტერეო ჟღერადობა:
დინამიკების რაოდენობა:
დინამიკების სიმძლავრე:
2 x 80 W
1 x 150 W
DTS Decoder:
Speaker Feature

Watt (RMS):
Front Speakers Watt (RMS):
Front Speakers Dimension:
55 x 519 x 55
Subwoofer Watt (RMS):
Subwoofer Dimension:
290 x 370 x 290
Power from:



499,00 ₾
ViewSonic PJD5555W

3D Compatibility:
3D Ready
Matrix Size:
Contrast Ratio:
20000 : 1
Native Resolution:
1280 x 800
Maximum Resolution:
1600 x 1200
Aspect Ratio:
4 : 3 / 16 : 9
Display Size:
30" - 300"
Throw Distance:
1.0 - 8.0
SuperColor Technology:
30 bits, 1.07B Color (10+10+10)
SonicExpert Sound Technology:
3D Blu-Ray Ready:
Keystone Vertical:
Lamp (W):
Lamp Life Normal Mode:
Lamp Life eco-mode:
DynamicEco Mode:
Projector Interface
RGB Input:
2 x 15-pin mini D-sub
RGB Output:
1 x 15-pin mini D-sub
1 x 4-pin mini-DIN
Composite Video In:
1 x RCA
Audio Input 1:
1 x 3.5 mini jack
Audio Output:
1 x 3.5 mini jack
Control / Service port:
1 x Mini Type B
Projector Other Feature
Built-in Speakers:
1 x 2W
Noise Level:
27 dB Eco Mode / 32 dB Normal
Power Consumption
Max Power:
Standby Mode:
Operating Relative Humidity:
10% - 90%
Operating Environment:
0 - 40 °C
დისტანციური მართვა
დისტანციური მართვის პულტი:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
316 x 228 x 103.7



1 004,24 ₾

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Anuka Lomidze New free screenings series have started this week in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. By Irakli sardanashvili and Maka Katchkachishvili in Tbilisi social bar Kamara and one of the private schools of Kutaisi. Mziuri open air screenings are over but we move in to the social cafe interior from the second part of november with a new concept. As the places there are only 30 the viewer will have to register beforehand for attending the event. Ahuahu Foundation is searching for another part of budget for publishing the guide book for Film lovers who want to organize screenings with Free screenings concept. We already won a little grant for making texts on core films, directors and discussion Technics,
Anuka Lomidze What kind of difficulties did we experience last two months? The only difficult moment for us was the transportation of equipment from one place to another. Tbilisi- Kavtiskhevi-Tbilisi-Ureki-Didi Jikhaisi-Ureki-Shroma- Ureki-Tbilisi. Thats the main line at the moment where the screenings were held with traveler beamer and Sound. As the equipment is too heavy it needed extra resources for moving from one place to another... When we were coming back to Tbilisi the conductor of the train thought we were the activists of some political party : ) Still everything is going on quite smoothly in the project. Though some points were to send the equipment were postponed.
Anuka Lomidze Unfortunately retrograde Mercury spoiled all good android telephones we had : ) that's why some pictures we put next are not of the best quality. Mziuri free screenings project under open air is coming to its end on October 22. We have to start another project for capital that will involve one spot per district. (Saburtalo, Vake, Old Tbilisi, Didube ... etc. )
Anuka Lomidze 10-14 years Kids from Kavtiskhevi have started realizing their hand craft ideas. They make different handmade things like belts, bags, necklaces and bracelets. They plan to sell their work and buy a beamer and sound system for their future free screenings club space.
Anuka Lomidze The official meeting in Kaspi municipality cultural department was postponed after the elections. To have more clear picture and act more planned in development the idea of free screenings space and contemporary art space in Kavtiskhevi village.
Anuka Lomidze We are starting preparing for Annual Tbilisi Film Festival, Within this festival last year, a regional conference was held dedicated to the topics of film culture development in regions and local municipalities involvement roles in this process. Almost in every region there are volunteers who organize small or large screenings attracting the citizens to their events and making the cultural life alive. We will get together (most active part of volunteers) in the end of the autumn and share our experience, give advises and plan the future points how to act. This meeting is meant to be held with the involvement of cultural department representatives from regional municipalities.
Anuka Lomidze SO many things to retell. The summer ended with quite good results. about 90 free screenings were held around by our team members. We are joined by some new members also. That makes us to feel more stronger and happier in common work. keeps translating special films for free screenings audience. We ask them to make one film per week and show each of them to our viewers.
Anuka Lomidze Our beamer and sound is in Ureki now. We organize screenings for kids and for adults when the weather is "O.K" : ) The huge challenge for us appeared to be transporting the equipment from Tbilisi to regions and also having no microphones and electricity lines (to reach the electricity sockets) Still the screenings are successful with interesting and mixed *different groups) audiences. We still have screenings in different points around Georgia. Most visited are Mziuri, Batumi, Gori, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Telavi.
Anuka Lomidze It was decided to meet the cultural department manager from regional center in Kaspi. Now I am waiting for exact appointment. The meeting will be held around the topic of funding the cultural activities in Kavtiskhevi. Free screenings next workshop is going to be held in Garikula again, in September. Free screenings network members are keeping organizing the screenings in the open spaces of various cities. Last Screenings were held yesterday evening in Batumi, Telavi, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Tsikhisdziri... All of them screened French director Eric Rohmer's film "Summer Tale" . The film was specially translated into Georgian for this evening by Adjaranet. com
Anuka Lomidze Everything is ok. Kids are watching films in the yeard. more big screenings will be in near future in the square. Tomorrow I have a meeting with local government.
Anuka Lomidze the kids were not allowed to take electricity around the square. today there will be no screening. Now they are collecting contact details from people who would be interested in attending the screenings. Don't know why the people leaving around refused to give the line of electricity... May be they are jealous or too wicked? :/ the kids offered them some money for lending the line for 2 hours... still... no result : ) The fact is that the citizens leaving in Kavtiskhevi were glad to see the screening in the center of the village. one of the "documents" is bellow: 179 likes 23 shares to the post about first screening on the official page of the village <3
Anuka Lomidze getting ready for evening screening. Chaplin will be screened. Didn't decide yet which film
Anuka Lomidze The first free screening in Kavtiskhevi Village was held yesterday late evening, very very spontaneously. As soon as we realized it was not going to rain any more (at about 8 o'clock) our team members in the village Natia, Salome, Sopho and Saba ( age: 11-14) managed every every every thing in an hour and 10 minutes : ) the work was a lot to do. 1. car 2. electricity 3. spreading information about screening 4. setting the equipment 5. testing the film 6. organizing sit places 7.ironing and managing the screen ... We watched A little Prince with different age audience.
Anuka Lomidze The rain is against open air screenings this year : ) yesterday it was rainy ... today it is cloudy... hope the sun will shine and no drop will come in the evening ... An open call is already spread through our network.
Anuka Lomidze The beamer and sound are already in Kavtiskhevi : ) in a village of Kaspi municipality which has no cultural space at all. this village is known around for its best beer store which is situated in the center. Tomorrow we plan to organize the meeting with local children of age 11-15 and to plan the first screening on open air. As next to beer store as possible : ) Tomorrow I will also put an open call for traveler equipment schedule. Free screenings' team representatives from Ureki, Batumi, Garikula and Tbilisi are already in line <3 Waiting forward to launching <3