Community Playground in Urta
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Problem statement:

The village of Utra, Samegrelo, faces a problem with resources. About 43% of the population lives in poverty. There are also 350 IDP families from Abkhazia. These factors make it difficult to create a vibrant community.

Although these problems don’t have easy fixes, we think that one way of solving this will be creating a public space, so the village can come together and support each other.

We week the following changes:

1) A safe, creative and ecologically designed outdoor meeting space with a playground for the community created by the inhabitants.

2) Community empowerment through the process of creating the park: teamwork, negotiations, fundraising, design, etc.

3) A secure space for children to play and improve their social and physical skills.

4)Active parenthood, where parents can play together with their children and network with other parents

5) Inspiration for neighbouring rural communities to take their own initiatives.

Proposed Solution:

The community (parents, children, neighbours) will create an outdoor meeting space with a playground for the whole community including children . All community members, no matter of age or background, will co-design the space contributing with their ideas and work and feeling responsibility for the place at every stage of its creation and then maintenance.

We were lent by the local administration 400 square meters, with the possibility to expand for our space.

The stages of creation include:

1) Design : joint brainstorming on ideas with the whole community. We have contacted two professionals who build ecological community playgrounds in Poland and Germany and they offered free-of-charge consultations.

2) Creation: we want to start in the beginning of July to built the very place using existing materials and resources: tires, old constructions, people's time and ideas and additional materials raised from other sources.

3) Shared experience: we will use the created space everyday for socializing, playing, being together, sharing new ideas and planning their implementation. The community proposes additional activities around the meetings place, such as Megrelian singing, experiment-based physics lessons for children, firecamps, interactive lessons for small children.


Because this idea is a grassroots initiative, we believe our community will be invested in keeping the clean and in good repair. We hope that our community will take pride in having a beautiful space.

This project helps to organise further the everyday maintenance of the place.

The community is willing to share its experience and know-how and support others in implementation of similar grass-root level actions. This is how the idea will be kept alive and spread.

Equal gender opportunity:

This space will be built and used by everyone, men and women alike.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
Building tools

hammer, nails, screws, brushes, small construction elements etc.

Lia Gogia


245,00 ₾

For constructions, such as playground houses, tables, ladders etc.

შ.პ.ს. კაპითალ ჯგუფი - 2008 Gurgen Sordia / S.p.s. Kapital Jgufi - 2008 Gurgen Sordia


500,00 ₾
Metal pipes

For iron constructions, such as slides, climbing tools etc.

შ.პ.ს. სტილ საქართველო - სამეგრელო / Sh.p.s. Stil Saqartvelo - Samegrelo


1 210,00 ₾

For painting the old constructions, the fence and new construction elements



114,00 ₾

For wooden constructions, swings etc.

I.M. Goderdzi Sherozia


0,00 ₾
A slide

One ready slide to install in the wooden construction

I.M. Goderdzi Sherozia


260,00 ₾
cement/ grout

4 bags, for stabilisation of the construction, filling the holes in the substrate

I.M. Goderdzi Sherozia


0,00 ₾

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Reply Wooden house
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Reply We have started wooden constructions
Reply Beautiful moments in between the hard work which give us so much motivation
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Reply Children and the pyramide
Reply Volunteers in action
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Reply After party with the community
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Reply Almost finished with the metal constructions
Reply Pyramid almost done, big multiplayer swing under construction
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Reply Most of the people come to help us in the evening after work. They help in many ways: by constructing, feeding us or trying out the ready constructions :)
Reply For the next stage of the construction children joined us and we make efforts to involve them as much as possible
Reply We continue the construction works
Reply new words to the vocabulary: grinding, planing, stroking ...
Reply Today about 10 people spent the whole day helping us in the construction works
Reply Today about 10 people spent the whole day helping us in the construction works
Reply We try to involve children whenever possible and safe
Reply Women participation :) Not only for gender balance, but for quality, too :)
Reply Grinding can make fun ;)
Reply The area of the playground is full of ground, which we will pin out soon. We have started to construct the items: benches, swings etc. Quite cool boys help us, aren't they?
Reply Marta Dagargulia gave the idea and helps with promotion and financing
Reply Davit Dagargulia is the heart of the whole project and coordinates all efforts
Reply During the week around 30 people from the village came to help in different ways: in construction works, in bringing materials, socializing with children and involving them. We did not expect such an enthusiastic reaction from the very beginning
Reply Tipper truck stuck in the mud, so we needed an emergency help of one neighbours and his tractor
Reply We did not plan to strenghten the ground under the playground, but as it is too muddy, we needed to find a tip-cart and ground to raise the whole area
Reply We have got our final address and started on Monday, 18th July the very construction works
Reply Preparations for the very construction works vol. 2
Reply Preparations for the very construction works vol.1
Reply Public consultations and citizens' control - high level of participation in decision making in Urta
Reply ადგილობრივ თხებს მსაგვსი არ უნახიათ :)
Reply We were given to options for the community playground and had consultations with local inhabitants about the place, the final decision is still not taken, both places are very nice
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