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Mchedlishvili Qeta
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Problem statement:

We are students at the village school in Akhaltsikhe, Kaspi municipality. Our school is built differently that most Georgian schools. It has no corridors and many open balconies to connect rooms, so leaving classrooms means you are outside.

It would be ideal for a sunny, warm, and dry geographical environment, but our cold and wet climate makes the school unpleasant. We also cannot decorate the balconies with our art because of the bad weather. Many times in the morning we have seen our drawings all over the yard because of the wind.

The school space is of great importance to the student. We believe that the well-equipped environment has a positive impact on the quality and motivation of students, but unfortunately due to the reality, all of our attempts to change the school's boring environment are in vain.

Proposed Solution:

For a long time we have tried to think of things to make the walls of the school look better. We want to make students motivated, and not to fear that their art will be damaged by the weather. In order to change the existing situation, we plan to paint the walls with special exterior paint that is durable enough to withstand any weather and do not get damaged.

The school walls will be decorated with thematic drawings for school, some of the drawings will be for a specific subject : physics, chemistry, biology, which indicates the special classrooms used for specific subjects. The balconies and pillars will be painted in cheerful and vibrant colors.

In addition, we want place flowers and flower pots and evergreen plants so the balconies are equally beautiful in winter and the summer.


A minor detail can also have a big influence on students. The environment is directly influences how students feel in school, what they are experiencing and how they act.

Participation in this project will enable us to create an interesting, colorful environment for students to increase their motivation. In addition, the fact that the students will take part in the renewal of the school and see how communities are influence by individual initiative and taste. This project also increases parents involvement in school life.

Equal gender opportunity:

School students will participate in the implementation of the project equally.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?

Paints for wall

Tsereteli st. N140

322 960 960
150,00 ₾
flower bowl

Flower bowl with clinches

Ketevan Tsamebuli ave N71

558 70 06 17
60,00 ₾

Small paint brushes
Big brushes

Al. Kazbegi st. N28

+995 32 2399378
80,00 ₾

Decorative flowers

tskhneti st. N37

599 54 66 17
50,00 ₾

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