Project ჩARTე: Youth Leadership Campaign
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Problem statement:

There are a lot of creative and well-educated youngsters in Tetritskaro municipality, but despite this, only a few people are actively involved in civil engagement due to low awareness. Participation in solving different problems, communicating with local government and volunteering is the change we seek.

Our goal is to empower our youth to find their place in the society and take initiative. This will create a free and educated society, which can foster social and economic development in future.

Proposed Solution:

Project ჩARTე is an initiative of young leaders from Koda IDP settlement to raise awareness of their community about the issues of civic activism and volunteerism. The main target group of the project is school students aged 14-18.

For the first phase, we will have workshops about civic activism and street art painting. After awareness raising activities the project team will announce the competition, where school students from Koda and Tetritskaro schools are supposed to prepare paintings about volunteerism or civic activism.

The competition reveals the winner and his/her painting will be put on the wall in the Koda IDP settlement. With this street art, the project team is going to send the message to society about how to be active and take care of our social and natural environment.


Street art is one of the creative ways to express your opinion about social issues in the society. Therefore, sustainability of the project is the final product, which will stay in Koda IDP Settlement. The youth involved will also spread the word of active citizenship among population. Finally, this inspiring idea can empower other communities and villages to express their social ideas with art.

Equal gender opportunity:

We guarantee equal gender opportunity via involving male and female participants.

Items Needed

Item Description Vendor Info Total Purchased?
Paint Sprayer

1 can of paint sprayer - 6 GEL
100 cans = 600 GEL

Domino/department of paints and varnishes

Kakheti Highway Tvalchrelidze st 2

032250 50 50
600,00 ₾

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Comments ასე იქცა ბავშვების იდეა შთაგონებად კედელზე... The way how the idea of the children can be the inspiration on the wall!
Reply მოხატვის პროცესი The process of painting the wall
Reply უამინდობის გამო რამდენიმე კვირით შევაჩერეთ მოსახატი სამუშაოები... კვირას, 5 მარტს განვაახლებთ და ახალი ამბებითაც დაგიბრუნდებით... Because of the bad weather, we have decided to stop painting the wall for a while. On 5th of March, Sunday, we are going to continue our painting and we will keep you updated..
Reply მასტერკლასი, ხალისი და კარგი განწყობა.. Masterclass, fun and wonderful mood...
Reply ჩვენი მხატვარი ესკიზს ამზადებს... Our graphic designer and artist makes a first draft on the wall
Reply პროექტის გუნდი კედლებს მოსახატად ამზადებს... Project team prepares the wall for painting...
Reply ნამდვილი მღებავები ჯერ ფანჯრებს იცავენ... Real housepainters take care of the windows first...
Reply და სანამ კედლის მოხატვა დაიწყება, საჭირო ნივთები უნდა მოვიმარაგოთ... and before we start painting the wall, we should collect all necessary things...
Reply პროექტის ფარგლებში კოდაში კედლის მოსახატად საჭირო პულივიზატორები ნაყიდია... ველოდებით მხატვარს, გრაფიკოსს და კარგ ამინდებს, რომ კედლის მოხატვა დავიწყოთ... Project team has bought cans of pant sprayers for painting the wall in Koda IDP settlement. We are waiting for the graphic designer, artist and good weather for painting the wall..